Monday, May 10, 2010

A Boost for Korea to Face China

In the second day of Thomas and Uber Cup in Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur, South Korea Thomas Cup Team played a good start with a 5-0 win over Peru even though their greatest player, Lee Yong-dae, were not present. 21-year-old Lee was not called to play for his country due to injury.

Their young player Shon Wan-ho played the first match and downed Andreas Corpancho 21-9 and 21-15. Yoo Yeon-seong and Cho Gun-woo gave Korea their second point with a 21-14, 21-10 triumph over Antonio de Vinatea/Martin del Valle. Hong Ji-hoon brought Korea to a winning 3-0 lead.

Korea did not play Lee's regular, senior partner, Jung Jae-sung, in their first match, but playing Shin Baek-cheol and Kim Ki-jung in the fourth match. Shin and Kim extended the lead to 4-0 before veteran Lee Hyun-il's easy 21-8, 21-5 win over Rodrigo Pacheco made Korea win 5-0.

Sony's Injury Gives India 1 Point

Indonesia Thomas Cup team was not quite lucky as their second singles player, Sony Dwi Kuncoro, suffered back injury. Sony had won 21-19 in the first set against Arvind Bhatt. However, Bhatt defeated Sony in the second set 21-9 before Sony withdrew. Sony's retirement made the point 2-1 for Indonesia after Taufik Hidayat's and Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan's earlier victories.

Nonetheless, Alvent Yulianto/Hendra Gunawan, who played the deciding match, were able to change the situation after a lose in the first round to Rupesh Kumar and Diju Viliyaveetil. The Indonesian pair won 14-21, 21-13, and 21-11. Simon Santoso completed the victory by vanquishing Anup Sridhard 21-8, 21-17.

Japanese Thomas Cup team defeated Nigeria, who lost walkover to Malaysia yesterday, 5-0. Kenichi Tago, Kenichi Hayakawa/Kenta Kazuno, and Sho Sasaki ensured Japan by their straight-set victories. In the last two matches, singles player Shoji Sato overpowered Nigerian Abah Eneojo 21-9 and 21-11 in 25 minutes, and Noriyasu Hirata/Hirokatsu Hashimoto finished the match with 21-4, 21-13 win.

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