Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eduardo Shines Again!

Arsenal's long-missing striker Eduardo scored two goals as Arsenal dismissed Cardiff 4-0 in a repeated third-round match of the FA Cup. The Gunners, who had gone for a goalless draw in Cardiff's hometown Ninian Park, needed a win badly after being held in their two previous Premier League matches.

Arsenal dominated the match and created many shots, starting with Bendtner's chance only five minutes from the kick-off. He had another fine opportunity when Cardiff goalkeeper Tom Heaton fisted away Carlos Vela's ball, but his shot did not result in a goal.

In fact, it was Eduardo who was crowned with high praises. He scored his first goal in the 20th minute and the second through penalty in the 60th minute. The other two goals were scored by Nicklas Bendtner ('33) and Robin van Persie, Eduardo's substitute, in the 88th minute.

"It was the best day of my life," he said. "It was a special moment to score, very emotional. I celebrated by kissing my wedding ring - because my wife and daughter and family supported me right through this."

However, he is out for two weeks due to hamstring injury.


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  1. i reckon he was amazing out there i mean i havent seen someone be out for 1 whole year and then come back to the 1st team and score 2 goals in the team they just tied with 0-0.